Join us to help us save every tree we can!

We need your help.  As you may know, Willistown Conservation Trust, with the support of our broad community of conservationists, has led the effort to preserve more than 7,500 acres of open space and natural and scenic resources in the Willistown area over the last 40 years.

Now PECO, an Excelon company, is threatening negatively impact our vital conservation work by planning to remove as many as 650 trees and to construct new 45’ to 50’ high poles along the scenic roads in the Willistown countryside.

To our knowledge, PECO has not undertaken any environmental impact studies to determine the  destructive implications of removing these trees, nor have they addressed the scenic impact of tree removal and high poles  on roads passing through 3 locations on the National Register of Historic Places: include Okehocking Historic District, White Horse Corner and Historic Sugartown.

As you can see in the photo above, the destructive potential is significant. That tree was likely as old (if not older) than the United States.

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